ArkEdge Space Inc. will conduct on-orbit demonstrations of VDES satellite for maritime DX (digital transformation). The first launch is scheduled for FY2023, for on-orbit demonstrations in 2024.

VDES, short for “VHF Data Exchange System”, is a comprehensive radiofrequency data exchange system combining the VDE (VHF Data Exchange), the AIS (Automatic Identification System) and the ASM (Application Specific Message). It is expected to be the basic infrastructure for future ship identification, safe navigation, and maritime DX (digital transformation).

ArkEdge Space will develop a demonstration unit for its VDES satellite in FY2023, and aims to operate it on orbit by 2024, using its proprietary 6U nano-satellite bus system developed thanks to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's “Nano-Satellite Constellation Technology Development and Demonstration Project” subsidy.

Using its advanced 6U satellites, ArkEdge Space will contribute to ensuring safe navigation on the oceans and to advancing the digital transformation of the maritime domain.