"EY Innovative Startup 2024" Award. Awarded to a startup company that is expected to grow remarkably in the future.

ArkEdge Space is pleased to announce it has been honored as one of the startups expected to grow remarkably in the future. We have been awarded"EY Innovative Startup 2024" hosted by Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC(“EY”).

“EY Innovative Startups 2024" evaluated the innovation, feasibility and social impact of businesses that utilize satellites.

“EY Innovative Startup" has been awarded by EY since 2017 with the aim of supporting further growth and promoting innovation that leads to economic revitalization by fairly evaluating startups that excel in terms of innovation, growth potential, and social responsibility.
In 2024, 15 companies from 9 fields were selected for the award, and ArkEdge Space was selected as a commendable company in the Space field.
The award was given in recognition of the social significance of nano-satellite constellations that contribute to the safe and prosperous world we aim for. We were also recognized for ourworld-leading small satellite manufacturing technology and our feasibility and innovativeness for full-scale commercialization in a variety of mission domains from telecommunications to PNT (Position Navigation Timing).
ArkEdge Space will continue to propose new solutions utilizing its nano-satellite constellation technology, aiming for "a future where anyone can do business with satellites.”

Comment from Takayoshi Fukuyo, CEO of ArkEdge Space

Thank you very much for selecting us as an EY Innovative Startup. With the advent of small satellites, it has become possible to launch and use satellites at low cost and in a short development period, dramatically lowering the hurdles to satellite-based businesses. In particular, the constellation of many satellites in space has enabled high-frequency observation and data collection, which is changing the way we use space in various fields such as satellite communications, earth observation, and PNT, as well as changing society at large.
We believe that the use of small satellites can contribute to solving global issues such as climate change and biodiversity, and to creating a safer and more prosperous society in vast areas such as oceans and forests, and in regions where basic infrastructure such as electricity and communications have not yet been developed.

Through the provision of small satellite solutions, ArkEdge Space will continue to contribute to the realization of a future in which satellite-based business is possible for everyone.

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