Provide satellite business opportunities for all.

We will realize a constellation of satellites for all missions including deep space exploration,
and create a future in which anyone can do business with satellites.
We will build a business model that responds to all kinds of space business, enabling anyone to develop and use space.



3U Satellite

10 cm * 10 cm * 30cm.

It is a microsatellite weighing about 3 kg and the size of a plastic bottle.

Based on the University of Tokyo's Nakasuka-Funase Laboratory's TRICOM-1R," which is the world's first successful LoRaWAN communication between space and ground for IoT, we are developing and providing this product in cooperation with companies in Fukui Prefecture.

Major achievements: RWASAT-1, OPTIMAL-1


6U Satellite

10 cm * 20 cm * 30 cm

It is a nano-satellite the size of a drawer. It is now expected to be used not only for Earth observation but also for various practical missions such as Mars exploration and positioning.

We have developed an earth observation satellite in collaboration with the Nakasuka-Funase Laboratory of the University of Tokyo, and have already received orders for it.

Major achievements: ONGLAISAT


    ArkEdge Space Inc. has raised JPY 635 million (approx. USD 5.2 million) in Series A Additional Closing, completing a total of JPY 2.3 billion (approx. USD 18.7 million) in Series A funding.


June 2003

Successful launch of the world’s first CubeSat by the Intelligent Space Systems Laboratory (ISSL)

July 2017

The “Satellite network to connect the world” business proposal received the Jury’s Special Award at S-Booster 2017

February 2018

Successful launch of TRICOM-1R, the world’s first LoRa communication satellite by the ISSL

July 2018

Selected for the R&D Venture Support (NEP) of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

December 2018

Received an order for 3U CubeSat RWASAT-1 from the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority

August 2019

Received the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Industrial Technology Practical Development Subsidy for the demonstration project “In-Orbit Demonstration by 3U Satellite Optimal-1”

November 2019

RWASAT-1 successfully inserted into orbit from the Japanese Experimental Module “Kibo” of the International Space Station

June 2020

Received an order for a 6U CubeSat from the National Space Organization (NSPO) of Taiwan

November 2020

Japan-Rwanda joint LoRa communication experiment conducted to commemorate the first anniversary of RWASAT-1’s deployment

January 2021

Company name changed to ArkEdge Space Inc.

March 2021

Raised JPY 400 million seed round (Incubate Fund, Real Tech Fund, etc.)



Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN


JPY 410 million

Main Business Areas

Design, manufacturing, and operation service of spacecraft (microsatellites), ground stations and related components.
Software development, education and consulting services, related to the above.

Main Customers

National Space Organization (NSPO) of Taiwan
Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority
The University of Tokyo
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)
Space Cubics, LLC.
Fukui Space Industry Creation Study Group
SEIREN Co., Ltd.
The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd.

Corporate Lawyer

Uchida & Samejima Law Firm