JPY400M (approximately $3.7M) seed round raised from IncubateFund, Real Tech Fund and others

ArkEdge Space Inc. has raised JPY400M (approximately $3.7M) seed round from IncubateFund, Real Tech Fund and others. With this funding, ArkEdge Space will promote the commercialization of microsatellite technology, lower the barriers to entry in satellite utilization, and establish an infrastructure enabling more actors to solve development issues.

IncubateFund Representative Partner Tohru Akaura
“ArkEdge Space is a team with the world’s most advanced capabilities and network with regards to small satellite development (3U, 6U), and we expect it to be a leading company in the global space industry. We are very pleased to have made this investment, through our relationship with Mr Fukuyo and Mr Matsushita (CTO). We will do our best to support the expansion of Japanese space technology around the world.”

Real Tech Fund Growth Manager Mizuki Komasa
“With the progress of small satellite constellation projects such as optical satellites, SAR satellites, and communication satellites worldwide, the time has come for smaller and higher-performance microsatellites to play an active role in orbit. These microsatellites are forecasted to advance the space industry to further growth. In addition, in the medium to long term, it is expected that microsatellites will be used for deep space exploration. Real Tech Fund will do its best to support ArkEdge Space, which has extremely high technological capabilities, and can greatly contribute to solving various global problems and expanding the space frontier of humankind.”