22 March 2021
JPY400M (approximately $3.7M) seed round raised from IncubateFund, Real Tech Fund and others
news ArkEdge Space Inc. has raised JPY400M (approximately $3.7M) seed round from IncubateFund, Real Tech Fund and others. With this funding, ArkEdge Space will promote the commercialization of microsatellite technology, lower the barriers to entry in satellite utilization, and establish an infrastructure enabling more actors to solve development issues.

IncubateFund Representative Partner Tohru Akaura
“ArkEdge Space is a team with the world’s most advanced capabilities and network with regards to small satellite development (3U, 6U), and we expect it to be a leading company in the global space industry. We are very pleased to have made this investment, through our relationship with Mr Fukuyo and Mr Matsushita (CTO). We will do our best to support the expansion of Japanese space technology around the world.”

Real Tech Fund Growth Manager Mizuki Komasa
“With the progress of small satellite constellation projects such as optical satellites, SAR satellites, and communication satellites worldwide, the time has come for smaller and higher-performance microsatellites to play an active role in orbit. These microsatellites are forecasted to advance the space industry to further growth. In addition, in the medium to long term, it is expected that microsatellites will be used for deep space exploration. Real Tech Fund will do its best to support ArkEdge Space, which has extremely high technological capabilities, and can greatly contribute to solving various global problems and expanding the space frontier of humankind.”

28 December 2020
ArkEdge Space Inc. is developing a 6U CubeSat in collaboration with the Intelligent Space Systems Laboratory (ISSL) of The University of Tokyo as part of the 6U microsatellite short-term demonstration project “6U Fast Validation CubeSat” of the National Space Organization (NSPO) of Taiwan. After making a proposal for the development, manufacturing, launch and initial operations of the satellite, ArkEdge Space was selected as collaborative research partner by the NSPO.

ArkEdge Space signed a joint research agreement with support from The University of Tokyo’s Institute for Open Innovation, and has a long history of joint nano/microsatellite development and utilization with ISSL. Space BD Inc. will procure the launch and orbital insertion of the satellite, which will be released from the International Space Station in 2022.
The 6U CubeSat (100.0 x 226.3 x 366.0 mm) will be equipped with optical observation equipment developed by the NSPO to provide medium-resolution Earth observation in cooperation with the University of Tokyo’s microsatellite bus technology, including high-precision attitude control. The CubeSat will be developed, manufactured, and operated utilizing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products to realize low cost and short term development. This low cost development is expected to lead to a wide range of applications and business opportunities, including more efficient and frequent disaster and environmental monitoring.
Building on this opportunity, ArkEdge Space will further accelerate its overseas expansion by providing 6U satellite platforms to research institutes and commercial actors in the Asia-Pacific region, and promote the various businesses enabled by such CubeSats.
20 November 2020
One year has passed since the release of the RWASAT-1 3U CubeSat, the first Rwandan satellite, developed and manufactured by ArkEdge Space Inc. in collaboration with Rwandan government agencies and The University of Tokyo. ArkEdge Space representatives were joined by researchers of The University of Tokyo’s Intelligent Space Systems Laboratory and executives from the Rwandan Space Agency for an online ceremony, during which a congratulatory message was successfully uplinked to RWASAT-1 using LoRa communications and then downlinked at the main ground station in Tokyo.
20 November 2019
3U CubeSat RWASAT-1, the first Rwandan satellite, developed and manufactured by ArkEdge Space Inc. in collaboration with Rwandan government agencies and The University of Tokyo, was successfully released from the Japanese Experimental Module “Kibo” of the International Space Station on 20 November 2019.
9 August 2019
ArkEdge Space Inc. was selected on 9 August 2019 by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for its Industrial Technology Practical Development Project Cost Subsidy (category: Space Industry Technology Information Infrastructure Development Research and Development Project), for the on-orbit demonstration of various mission equipment utilizing ArkEdge Space’s 3U demonstration bus platform. For more details: (in Japanese only).
May 2018
ArkEdge Space Inc. signed a memorandum of understanding for the promotion of space and geospatial technology on the African continent with the Smart Africa Alliance and the Government of Rwanda. From left to right: Professor Ryosuke Shibasaki (The University of Tokyo), Hamadoun Touré (Executive Director, Smart Africa and former ITU Secretary General), Professor Shinichi Nakasuka (The University of Tokyo), Takayoshi Fukuyo (CEO, ArkEdge Space) and Patrick Nyirishema (Director General, Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority).

Our Mission

Challenging to the edge of human activity in space
with the world’s most advanced satellites
Creating a highly profitable and sustainable space industry
with satellite constellations
Pushing the edge of human activities to deep space
as the No. 1 Deep Space Company


Collaboration with Japan’s leading space technology development group

The success of CubeSats and microsatellites has made it possible for developing countries, universities and venture companies to develop and use satellite technologies, which previously was available only to major space powers. ArkEdge Space Inc. promotes the commercialization of space technologies in collaboration with Professor Shinichi Nakasuka of the Department of Aerospace Engineering of the University of Tokyo, who has pioneered development and operations of CubeSats and led innovation in satellite miniaturization. We work on solving development issues through various satellite applications such as water resource monitoring, ocean surveillance, disaster monitoring and agriculture, forest and environmental management. We contribute to sustainable development by disseminating satellite technologies and applications all over the world.

The University of Tokyo’s Intelligent Space Systems Laboratory (ISSL), led by Professor Nakasuka and Professor Ryu Funase, succeeded in launching and operating the world’s first CubeSat in 2003. As a leading space technology development group, possessing the most advanced satellite technologies in Japan, ISSL keeps pursuing new challenges with the most advanced missions while displaying a 100% operational success rate.
3U CubeSats 10 cm x 10 cm x 30 cm size. This CubeSat weighs about 3 kg, which is the size of a two-liter water bottle. Based on the TRICOM-1R satellite developed by ISSL, which demonstrated the world’s first space-based communication by LoRa, ArkEdge Space Inc.’s 3U CubeSats are produced in collaboration with companies in Fukui Prefecture. This model of CubeSat served as Rwanda’s first national satellite, RWASAT-1.
6U CubeSats 10 cm x 20 cm x 30 cm size. This drawer-size CubeSat is to be used not only for Earth observation but also for more advanced missions such as interplanetary exploration (e.g. Mars) and satellite navigation. ArkEdge Space Inc. has developed a 6U Earth observation satellite with the ISSL and has already received orders.


福代 孝良
CEO and General Manager, Administration 福代 孝良 Takayoshi Fukuyo
  • Graduated from The University of Tokyo. Founded ArkEdge Space Inc. in 2018 after working at JICA, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Cabinet Office’s National Space Policy Secretariat.
  • Achievements in international cooperation about forest, ocean and environmental management. While in government, has supported commercialization initiatives in Asia, South America and Africa.
松下 周平
CTO/VP and General Manager, Research & Development 松下 周平 Shuhei Matsushita
  • Graduated from The University of Tokyo. Developed four satellites at the Intelligent Space Systems Laboratory of the University of Tokyo.
  • ArkEdge Space Inc.’s Chief Technology Officer.
辻 政信
General Manager, Business Development
辻 政信 Masanobu Tsuji
松本 健
General Manager, Communication Technology
松本 健 Takeshi Matsumoto
柳田 幹太
General Manager, Information Systems and Digital Business
柳田 幹太 Kanta Yanagida
Quentin Verspieren
General Manager, Global Strategy
Quentin Verspieren
柿原 浩太
Communication-System Design
柿原 浩太 Kota Kakihara
渋川 季裕
Thermal Design
渋川 季裕 Toshihiro Shibukawa
鈴本 遼
C&DH / SW Design
鈴本 遼 Ryo Suzumoto
高橋 亮平
Systems Design
高橋 亮平 Ryohei Takahashi
船曳 敦漠
Power Design
船曳 敦漠 Nobuhiro Funabiki
濱田 剛
Technological Strategy Design
濱田 剛 Tsuyoshi Hamada

Company Profile

Company Name ArkEdge Space Inc.
Established July 2018
Headquarters Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
Capital JPY 10 million
Main Business Areas Design, manufacturing, and operation service of spacecraft (microsatellites), ground stations and related components.
Software development, education and consulting services, related to the above.
Main Customers National Space Organization (NSPO) of Taiwan
Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority
The University of Tokyo
Fukui Space Industry Creation Study Group
SEIREN Co., Ltd.
The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd.
Corporate Lawyer Uchida & Samejima Law Firm
June 2003
Successful launch of the world’s first CubeSat by the Intelligent Space Systems Laboratory (ISSL)
July 2017
The “Satellite network to connect the world” business proposal received the Jury’s Special Award at S-Booster 2017
February 2018
Successful launch of TRICOM-1R, the world’s first LoRa communication satellite by the ISSL
July 2018
Selected for the R&D Venture Support (NEP) of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)
December 2018
Received an order for 3U CubeSat RWASAT-1 from the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority
August 2019
Received the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Industrial Technology Practical Development Subsidy for the demonstration project “In-Orbit Demonstration by 3U Satellite Optimal-1”
November 2019
RWASAT-1 successfully inserted into orbit from the Japanese Experimental Module “Kibo” of the International Space Station
June 2020
Received an order for a 6U CubeSat from the National Space Organization (NSPO) of Taiwan
November 2020
Japan-Rwanda joint LoRa communication experiment conducted to commemorate the first anniversary of RWASAT-1’s deployment
January 2021
Company name changed to ArkEdge Space Inc.
March 2021
Raised JPY 400 million seed round (Incubate Fund, Real Tech Fund, etc.)